Have you heard of Toh the Oghryn?

What about the Baby Monsters?

Discover the magical world of Toh the Oghryn (pronounced “Toe” the “Oh-Grin”) in the newly available bedtime storybook published by FriesenPress.

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Toh the Oghryn is the first in a series of bedtime storybooks introducing the magical world and adventures of Toh, Doh-Gar (pronounced “Dough-Gharr”), Mol, Muck, Charr, and many more baby monsters as well as the friends of Toh.

Available from the Rivendell Creative Store, FriesenPress Bookstore, Amazon, Indigo, Bookshop.org, Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Coming Soon

Toh Nails, Warts, Bunions and All is the youth reader origin story of Toh. From the stormy night the Giants ripped their way into his home and stole his whole family, to his time waiting to be eaten in the Giants pantry, to his rescue and escape… All the bits, tips, bibs, and bobs in his amazing and harrowing journey to freedom.

Toh and the Baby Monsters is next in the bedtime storybook series. This beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook dives into each of the Baby Monsters and how Toh came to care for them, their likes and dislikes, favorite foods, and favorite games to play. Accompanied with sticker pages and fold-out poster that you can colour yourself of Toh and all the Baby Monsters!!

Now in Production!

Following Toh and the Baby Monsters, the next in the series is “Muck, Mud, Mushrooms, Mold and Millipedes’ : My World

This fun and colorful romp in Mucks world takes the little ones through the puddles, hollows, and marshes that Muck loves so much! Making mud pies and munching on mushrooms is great until a big hungry Millipede comes a sniffing, antenna twitching away!! Better hide in the stinkiest pile of mud Muck! He will never find you there!!

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Thank you all for your kind support and we look forward to bringing you more great stories and activities to enjoy as a family; no matter the shape, size, colour, or make up. Be well and take the time to love yourself, one another, the planet and everything that shares the earth, air and water with you.

Creative Story Crafting Services – Toh and the Baby Monsters

Discover the amazing adventures of Toh, the Baby Monsters, Charr, Dohgar, and Sihl along with a whole host of odd, and amazing characters. Click to learn more.

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We can take any design you like and make a costume, a prop, a lamp, or a whole setup for you. All rights reserved of course! We love to promote those amazing people out there creating our favorite stories; now you can own/wear what you love. We even make pillows!!

Practical Restoration and Creation

Using techniques learned in both industry and in apprenticeship, we can restore, repair, and even recreate parts or whole assemblies. Using 3-D printing technology as well a host of practical tools, machining and welding/bonding techniques; we can make almost anything work.