Toh the Oghryn

An introduction to TOH THE OGHRYN (Pronounced “Toe” the “Oh-Grin”), keeper of the baby
monsters and their various adventures.
TOH is the loving caretaker of an odd family of orphaned
baby monsters, protecting them from the dangers of
invading giants and creatures set to make them into a
snack. TOH walks in the footsteps of DOH-GAR (Pronounced “Dough-garr”), his saviour
and rescuer, and now carries the mantel of the protector
and keeper of the baby monsters.

The first book in the series of books that introduces each character, their world and how they came to be part of the Tales of Toh.
Toh Nails, Warts Bunions and All, the Origin story of Toh. Introduces Doh-Gar, Charr and all the Baby Monsters in visceral, detailed and an unbridled version coming soon for teen to adult readers. This version is not a bedtime story, but it will possibly be your next nail biter!

Thanks to FriesenPress for making Toh available to the world.

Available from the Rivendell Creative Store, FriesenPress Bookstore, Amazon, Indigo,, Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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